History of Impact Record Pool

In the 70's

In the late 70's, better known as the peak of the Disco era, the dance music scene was regulated by a privileged group of individuals. Promotional vinyl service for urban DJ's was not the norm. The problem: Connecting Urban DJ's with Promotional Vinyl.

Enter Michael Moore a.k.a. Michael "MIXXIN" Moore (1960 - 2006), a club and mobile DJ from the Westside, who had a vision of bringing respect to his fellow peers. In 1979 Michael Moore and Larry Herbert a.k.a. "L.A. Larry" put their heads to get her to form Moore LA Sound, Los Angeles' first urban record pool dedicated to providing promotional vinyl material to urban DJ's in the metro Los Angeles area.

A year later with the blessing of Michael & LA Larry Moore LA Sound summoned a DJ with integrity, tenacity and the ability to take Moore LA Sound to the next level. Enter Iris Dillon and our new name "L.A.P.D." (Los Angeles Progressive Deejays).

It wasn't long before Iris' talent was sought after by major record labels. A&M Records won the bidding war. And with the members' blessing, she moved on. 

L.A.P.D's next chapter unfolded under the guidance of a new director, Darrell Mason along with Tarquin Featherstoneshaw a.k.a. "T.Q." (may they rest in peace) as director of a new pop/dance venture, American Record Pool.

Tracy Kendrick, Dannie Fut James

In the 80's

In 1983, feeling the need to spread their wings, T.Q. founded Resource Record Pool followed closely by Darrell's new upstart, Streetbeat Record Pool. Recognizing Darrell's talent Warner Bros. came knocking with an offer to spread his music career wings. And with that Darrell was off to New York City. Upon Darrell's departure Billy Long was appointed director of Streetbeat.

event 2
Summer of 1984, Billy Long exits Streetbeat succeed by Tracy S. Kendrick and Dannie James a.k.a. Fut as director's.

In January 1985, Kendrick and James purchased Streetbeat (renaming it Impact). Fut pulled the short straw and thus became Executive Director.

In the 90's


Along with countless Gold and Platinum plaques Impact has received numerous awards but being voted Gavin Record Pool of the Year in 1996 & 1997 and nominated for the same in 1998 are standouts.

Impact has introduced some rising stars the music industry such as DJ Quik, AMG (both co-produced by Impact's own Tracy S. Kendrick), Shanice, 2nd II None, Boss, Domino, Loose Ends, Egyptian Lover, Margie Coleman and LA Dream Team just to name a few.

History will not for get these Impact Record Pool trailblazers:

Dannie "Fut" James - We love you "Fut".
Michael "Mixxin" Moore
 - aka The Godfather.
Iris Dillion - After her they broke the mold and killed the mold maker.
Darrell Mason - Put Impact on the map, we miss you...
Darrell Tarquin "TQ" Featherstoneshaw - We'll forever miss his wisdom and wit.

Memories of Dannie "Fut" James (1951-2010 )

Dannie Fut JamesIt is with heavy hearts that we announce on Thursday, September 23, 2010 at approximately 10:00 PM our beloved Dannie “Fut” James passed away at age 59 from complications of multiple myeloma, a form of cancer. 

Fut was the co-founder of Impact Record Pool, one of the country’s most influential record pools. As Executive Director, he supplied the best DJ’s in the LA area with the latest music from around the world. Fut was one of LA’s Music pioneers. Fut mastered the process of breaking records from the streets up. He was a man that lived to share.  His spirit, talent and gift for teaching, touched lives both personally and professionally.

Just a few weeks ago, Fut told me that he wanted to get better for the meeting. The meeting on Sep 27th was especially for him. It was filled with so much love and respect from each person.

On behalf of his family and relatives, we greatly thank you for your support and love. My heart and my tears are with you, Fut....


Tracy Kendrick
Impact Record Pool